Saturday, 4 July 2015

Relationship rules

I noticed that there's something about number three in a relationship.

3 days
Who invented the rule that a guy should call a girl 3 days after their meeting?

I used to believe that this "rule" should be followed until I met someone who called me after 15 days. I laughed at him when he said that he purposely stopped himself from calling me a day after we were introduced to each other. I asked him why he didn't call me after 3 days. He said he planned to call me but he needed time to gain more courage to even add me in Facebook.

So you see... Some people need more time to muster up courage to approach a person especially if they really like them. At first, I was confused because I was expecting a call or something but it didn't happened. After 3 days, it didn't bother me anymore and I moved on until that day that I received a friend request in Facebook after 15 days. It was a sweet surprise actually. So girls, don't be dishearten if a guy doesn't call you. Either he needed more time or he doesn't like you. In short, no expectations.

3 dates
I'm guilty on this one. I really liked someone after our first date and I felt that he also did. But since I don't want to rush things and I religiously follow the "3 date" rule, I let my chance passed. We actually dated 5 times. After that, we stopped. He thought that I didn't like him and I thought he doesn't like me. Funny huh? Sometimes, you need to be more open and honest. Things may not turn out the way you expect it to be but least you tried. Rejection is part of life any way.

3 months
This goes both in dating and break-up

Again, guilty as charged. But somehow, I still believe that 3-months is a period to test one's relationship. I know it's early to say that the relationship will last after 3 months but it is a good start. Sometimes these 3 months will show a glimpse of where the relationship is heading to. But hey, I can be wrong. 

If you're Filipino, you probably watched "One more chance" by John Lloyd and Bea. This movie invented the 3 month rule that you can date after 3 months from break-up. In reality, people deal with break up differently. Some people need a month to move on and some people take years. 

But if you think about it, this rule became famous because it gives the aggrieved party to sulk. If I am the dumpee, I don't want to see the love of my life happy with another person. This rule is all about respect.

3rd wheel
This last "three" doesn't involve only mistresses but also other people who try to enter your relationship. They maybe your parents, siblings, friends or even social media! 

Most relationships fail when someone tries to meddle with the relationship. I believe that relationship is between the couple. It doesn't hurt if you ask for some advice from people close to you but if you let these people decide for you then it will affect the relationship.

I am not saying that above relationship rules are false or true but isn't funny how we follow these rules blindly because we thought it is the right thing to do. 

Do you know other relationship rule that I have not mention that you would like to share? Please share it, I'm curious. :)

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