Friday, 27 September 2013

Shelter for the storm

Last September, my friends & I, went to Bay Club to support our company's project Race around the world. This project aims to help country devastated by storm. For every 1km is 1$ pledge. Each of us pledge 8$. I know its not that much but we sweat to help. And we are proud of it!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Beauty Boutique Review - Dado's Beauty

My colleague Christy has been asking me if Brazilian waxing is painful. I have been "waxing down under" for years now, thus, I believe my pain level is high. So I told her to come with me one Saturday afternoon, after work, to try it herself.

I happen to have Ezdan My book that entitles me to a buy 1 take 1 free in Dado's Beauty Salon. (me loves some discount). So, here's a short review of Dado's Beauty.

Ease of booking an appointment:
Scheduling an appointment is very easy. They also have sms confirmation of your appointment! 

First Impression:
Girly girly! I also like their tagline which is "Beauty with a conscience".

I love the interior! The waiting area is soooo cute!

Attitude of the staff:
Staff are friendly but professional.

Service/Treatments availed:

Spotless Waxing

Linette is my aesthetician. She's warm and friendly. It was my first visit in the beauty boutique but she made me feel at home. The wax they use in the salon is made of shea butter and they did not use strip of cloth to pull off the wax. 

First, she powdered the area to be waxed then apply the wax. Once the wax dried up, she pull off the wax. She press the waxed area to lessen the swelling.

Honestly, I only felt little pain. That's how good Linette is. Also, I did not feel any stickiness after the process.

Value for Money:
Services are competitive. If you want to see full list of services, you can check out their cool website.

Would I go again? YES!!! I actually booked for another waxing session at the end of September.



Thursday, 5 September 2013

Spa Review - Argan Spa

Last September 3, my friend Chatz and I went to Argan Spa to try out their services. We are lucky enough to grab a great deal from

We got lost going to the place but it was our fault. My colleague said that the spa is near Villagio but it is near Landmark!!! Good thing we left our accommodation early so we came just in time for our treatment. Yey!!!

This would be a short review of Argan Spa.

Ease of booking an appointment:
Scheduling an appointment is very easy. Receptionist is friendly and accommodating. It was a pleasant surprise when she asked me if I am "itsmisskatey" in twitter. Yup! They read tweets! 

First Impression:

Place is very calm and peaceful. 

Attitude of the staff:
Staff are professional. They keep the relationship on a professional level and they let you relax unlike other spas. 

Service/Treatments availed:

Body Scrub and Facial

Facial - I really enjoyed my facial. The Aesthetician's hand is so light that I fell asleep. My main concern is my nose because of the whiteheads and she focused on that area. 

She first removed my mascara. (I came from work and had no time to remove my make-up). After that, she cleansed my face using a sponge. She then applied the facial scrubs and massage my face simultaneously. To open up my pores, she steamed my face for 10 minutes then the pricking starts. I noticed that she uses her fingers (with gloves of course) to remove the whiteheads. Unlike the facial I had back in my home country, they use an extractor. After the pricking part, she then applied the facial mask. This is when I fell asleep. When the mask dried up, she removed it and sprayed... yes sprayed, argan oil and massage my face so the skin can absorb the oil. It was so relaxing!!!

Body Scrub - I also enjoyed this treatment. The lady who did my body scrub is from Thailand. She's quiet but very professional. She gave me a shower cap and disposable underwear before we started. She then asked me to lie down, facing the bed. She asked me which scrub I prefer. I chose coffee over apple. Then the scrubbing begin. The stroke is just right. The scrub used is not too abrasive so no need to be afraid of walking out of the spa with scratches. She started with my back then legs then arms then my belly. She then asked me to rinse off the scrub. When I came back to the room, my bed is clean again. She asked me to lie down again. She then applied argan oil to keep my skin moisturized. 

Value for Money:
Services are affordable. They have promotions available in their Facebook Fan Page.

Would I go again? A big YES!!!


Room for improvement: 

  1. Play some music in the facial room.
  2. Increase the room temperature in the massage room. I was shivering when I stood up to take a shower
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