Friday, 29 August 2014

Beauty Lounge review - Chic & Posh

Last August 9, I went to Chic & Posh to try out their services using my Qgrabs voucher.

This would be a short review of Chic & Posh Beauty Lounge.

Ease of booking an appointment:
I decided to use my voucher last week of July. I called several time but nobody's picking up. It was a bit frustrating as the voucher will expire on the same month. After several attempt, someone answered my call. I was advised that I can still use my voucher on August. So I postponed my visit to August.

First Impression:
The name is spot on, the place is so chic. I love the interior and the ambiance.

Attitude of the staff:
Staff are friendly.

Service/Treatments availed:
Body massage, hot oil & nail polish

Body massage - I enjoyed the massage. It is quite different I might say. I can't quite figure it out if it's swedish or shiatsu. But what I know is, it is relaxing.

When I entered the massage room, the first thing I noticed is the cleanliness and how properly arrange the massage bed is. The room is dimmed and the temperature is just right. When the masseuse entered, she opened the ipod to play some instrumental music which is really relaxing. She then start putting oil.
 The pressure is moderate. I have this tendency to keep myself awake just to feel and experience the massage. I really like the leg and head massage. These two parts are my weak point. Once the masseuse starts touching these parts, I start to drift away to Dreamland. 

Hot oil - My hair is in need of some lovin'. So this treatment is needed. First, they washed my hair. The  lady who washed my hair is really gentle. After washing my hair, she wrapped my hair in a cling wrapped and I was placed under the hot oil machine for about 15-20 minutes. After that, my hair was washed again and then a new lady "semi" blow dried my hair. Oh boy, she was not gentle with my hair. She was tugging my hair as if in a hurry. I didn't complain coz I just want to just finished it coz I am not enjoying it.

Nail polish - my nails were shaped but not clean which is okay coz I plan to have a manicure somewhere. I like that they use Essie nail polish.

Value for Money:
Services are quite on a pricey side but they have promotions available in their Facebook Fan Page.

Would I go again? Probably. I wanted to try their Moroccan Hammam.


Room for improvement: 

  1. Use less oil. Good thing I did not feel greasy after the massage session.
  2. Increase the room temperature in the hair section of the salon. I was shivering when my hair was being washed. But the lady did turn off the AC coz she saw me shivering.
  3. Please be gentle when handling hair especially when blow drying the hair. 
  4. My nail polish chipped the next day.

Monday, 18 August 2014

What's weighing you down?


It's been a while.

So... How do I start? Hmmm... Let's start with what I have been doing.

I'm attending zumba classes again. I go to zumba class M-W-F. Yup, 3 times a week. Getting back in shape takes a lot of determination & patience. 

My sister is getting married next year so I need to lose some pounds coz I'm in her entourage. 

Honestly speaking (or writing), I really have an issue with my weight. (Whew...) I'm not really fat. I know discussing weight issue is a sensitive subject but I am sharing this part of me because I believe that each one of us has a personal battle that we are going through everyday.

Some will say that I'm overly dramatic coz I am not that fat. A colleague even asked me "Why are you unhappy with your body? You are not fat.". Oh bless him. But it's not just the weight itself that I am battling with but myself perception.

I have been skinny from my elementary years to my college years. My heaviest when I was in college is 100lbs. Maybe it also helps that I am a dancer. I have a flat stomach and even have an abs. My arms are tone and I exercise regularly. I remember whenever my Aunt will tell me "Jacky, you're gaining weight.", I would starve myself and even resorted to sticking my finger into my mouth after every meal. I always feel frustrated everytime I gain weight. I feel disgusted whenever I see myself in the mirror. I cry whenever someone says I'm fat because I feel really ugly and unwanted.

Moving to Middle East, made it even worse. I gain a lot of weight because of my lifestyle. My world has been "home-work-home". I became less and less active. Food became my constant companion. Don't get me wrong, I have friends. Imagine what I felt when I gain so much weight and when I went for vacation all I hear is "What happened to you?" or "Where's your abs?". And the constant reminder to lose weight.

I went to this free check-up and the doctor told me "You're little obese." What the... I don't know if she meant I'm almost obese or I am becoming obese or I am obese and small. Btw, she said that in front of other patients. I just smiled and pretended to be okay but my heart is breaking. Talk about humiliation! I felt disappointed and disgusted. I hate it!

After the self loathe has worn out, I looked at my old photos. All I see is a skinny girl looking back at me. I look extremely different. I look ugly. I asked myself, how could I even consider that body to be beautiful?

If you will ask me now if I am happy with my current weight? No. I could lose some weight here and there, tone my arms and flatten my stomach. BUT, I will not let myself to be skinny as I was. My main goal is to be healthy.

Sometimes I still feel sad when I see my reflection and I still get affected when someone tells me that I am a fatso. But changing what I see of myself takes little step. I need to start learning that the numbers in a weighing scale do not define me as a person. I need to start loving myself more.

Sigh... Oh well... Do you have any personal battle you would like to share?

Take care & God bless.

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