Sunday, 29 November 2015

Making friends


I'm back!

I have relocated from Qatar to Thailand. Now that I am (quite) settled in, I think I can start blogging again.

And since I moved, I am having a challenging time making friends. 

Making friends should be natural and not forced. I am the type of person who is civil to everyone. I am no Ms. Congeniality but I'm also not Ms. Snob. Working in a hospitality business for 11 years, you have that "Smile Face On" every time you meet someone. 

I always look for someone that I'll have a special connection. Meeting a lot of people from different background, different culture and different social status, I have "profiled" the people that I would like to be friends with.

I look for meaningful conversation. Something that I can share my thoughts and learn from. I hate gossiping because I don't want people to talk about me behind my back. Though it is inevitable, at least, I try not to be same as them.

I try to shy away from negative people, because I know negativity will affect your view about life. I have met people who complain about everything. I came to a point that I started complaining about small things. Then I realized that the people I hang out with are poisoning me. That is not healthy. So I started to gradually remove myself from that situation.

I have friends who live in gossiping and I don't want to even participate on those stuff. They were bad mouthing a person that is close to me even though they have not spent an ample time to know the person. When they asked me about my opinion, I blatantly said "She's good to me. She has not done anything to hurt or offend me. So I have nothing bad to say." With that, they stopped talking about my friend.

I have different friends from different group but I always have tiny but trusted number of friends. I am not the type of person who likes to be in a large group. If I do, I will have 1 or 2 people that I will bond and share special connection.

Thinking back, I have always had 2 close friends from elementary to high school. College is a different thing. I have always thought that I am weird for being quiet. Later in life, I realize that I am an introvert forcing myself to be an extrovert.

Currently, I have one close friend that I share my thoughts and tries to encourage me to be better.

I know I don't need to force myself in making friends. I just want someone who enjoys drinking coffee while reading a book with me.

I want a meaningful connection.

What do you look for a friend? Please share your thoughts. :)

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