Thursday, 11 April 2013

What's in my bag?

I have been very busy with work that it bored me. Yes, I'm weird like that. I don't like routine. lol...

So I decided to do "what's in my bag" post. 

I'm using my grey Mango bag. I love the quilted design. It is so Chanel-ish. :D

I love how spacious it is.

I also have bag organizer which I bought from ETC Flea Market last August.

So what is in my bag?

  • Sunnies from Splash
  • Charles & Keith wallet
  • Baby pink card holder for my business cards
  • Metallic pink card holder for my membership cards
  • Hot pink card booklet for business cards from clients
  • Pink comb
  • Pink clothbrush
  • Pink mirror
  • Hair clip from Avenue
  • Doha Tweet-up badge
  • Topical cream - in case my allergy attacks!!!
  • Notebook calendar from Pappemelrotti
  • St. Benedict necklace
  • Pen
  • Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee
This is what I bring to work everyday. :)

What product that you can't live without?


Note: Photo is not showing my mobile phone as I am using it as a camera and  I was wearing my prescription eye glasses.

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