Friday, 5 April 2013

Beauty Center Review - Wasela Beauty Center

I grabbed a deal in Qgrabs 3 months ago and was able to use it last March. The deal included 1 hour massage, manicure & pedicure. In my previous post I mentioned that being in Reservation Department comes with a lot of stress and pressure. So I decided to use my voucher to have my "ME" time.

So here's my review of Wasela Beauty Center.

Wasela Beauty Center is easy to locate. It is next to Taxi Restaurant. If you're from Qatar, you know what I mean. :)

First Impression:
We were welcome by the Spa Manager who is accommodating and friendly.

Reception: Relatively small from what I saw in their Facebook Fan Page
Salon Area: This area is spacious, I think it can accommodate maximum of 9 customers.
Treatment/Massage Room: The space is very small. :( 

Attitude of the staff:

They have Filipina staff which makes the service more "homey". Maricel who did my manicure and pedicure is very friendly. I actually like her. The lady who did my hair treatment is a little aloof. She was wearing a mask and I can only see her eyes. Her eyes were snobbish.

Service/Treatments availed:

When we arrived, I found out that they have an on-going promotions. So aside from massage, mani & pedi, I availed of their hair cut & treatment promotion.

Hair spa - They applied hair cream and let it sit for about 15 minutes (I guess). It made my hair really soft. 

Haircut - I asked to trim the ends which are dry due to rebonding.
Foot Spa - It was okay
Manicure - It was okay, what I don't actually like is that they cut my cuticle. :(
Massage - It was relaxing. I fell asleep while being massaged. I asked to massage only my head, shoulder, arms and legs. 

Btw, they use OPI and Essie nail polishes which is a plus! :)

Qgrabs Package: QR 99.00 includes 1 hour massage, manicure and pedicure (value of QR 290.00)
Wasela Promo: QR 100.00 includes hair spa, hair cut and mini blow dry (value of QR 160.00)

Value for Money:
Very affordable!!!

Would I go back?
Yes! I like to try their waxing services and body scrub.

3/5 - I know there's still room for improvement but hey, they just re-open last September 2012 and they have a lot of regular guests. That says a lot about the new management.



  1. This is great!!! :D I soooo need a spa day ^^
    Following u back !!!

    1. Thanks Ileana!!! I am a certified spaholic. LOL


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