Friday, 17 May 2013

Restaurant Review - Wok Mee in Moevenpick Tower and Suites

When I visited Singapore in 2010, my friend Ryan and his wife Karla invited me to have dinner. Since I am in Singapore, they said I need to try steamboat. I was like "What?!". Little did I know steamboat is also called Hotpot. Anywho, I was able to find a place that serves steamboat here in Qatar and it is in Moevenpick.

Moevenpick Doha Tower & Suite is situated in the business district of Westbay Lagoon, across Four Seasons Hotel.

We have been to Wok Mee before but had ala carte. It was a good surprise for me when I saw steamboat in the menu. I did a mental note to come back to try it.

So here's a short review of Wok Mee.

We entered Wok Mee and was greeted by a Hostess and escorted to a table. She was wearing a nice Asian dress. (sorry, I don't know what it is called) Once in the table, we were offered complimentary welcome drink which is lemon grass. Lemon grass drink was refreshing. Then menu was given. Unlike other restaurant, the customer will tick off the food they wish to order. Waiter(ess) will take the paper and repeat the order. Well, we know what we came for, we wanted to try their steamboat. 

One lady staff (I believe she's the Outlet Supervisor/Manager) gave us warm towel to clean our hands with. She also gave us complimentary crackers and dip.

We ordered dumpling and rolls for our appetizer and egg fried rice. (Filipinos are rice-ivores) For our drinks, my friends ordered Lemon Mint and I ordered Apple Mojito. A few minutes later and our main course came....

L to R: rolls, dumplings, meat & sea food, veggies, Tom Yam Soup, sauces
I was really happy to see some prawns and lobster on our "meat plate". We chose Tom Yam flavor for our soup. We happily placed the meat first as it will take longer to cook. After that we placed the veggies. I love, love, love everything. We ordered another dumpling coz it is really good.

Happy Tummy

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Menu Selection: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5
Staff Attitude: 3/5, Staff were good but our order was incomplete. I asked them to cancel it as we were already in the middle of our dinner.
Total Experience: 4/5

Will I come back? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have you tried hotpot/steamboat before?


Photo credit: Mavic Bautista

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