Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Mykonos - Turning Greek!

Hi There!

Last May 26, we celebrated my cousin's birthday in Mykonos at InterContinental Doha. 

Mykonos is a Mediterranean Restaurant. It won Time Out's Family Restaurant for 2012.

The place is very cosy. The interior is mostly blue so it has that calming effect. They have a terrace which is next to the Hotel's pool. We opted to stay inside the restaurant as it is quite windy.

We were escorted by the waiter to our table and we were given the menu.

Mykonos' Menu

I really like the simple table set-up.

While waiting for our order, I decided to take few photos of the place.

Chic Interior

Wine Selection

It was already 1pm so we ordered Main Course. Yeah, no starters or soup as we were all hungry.

Our waiter gave us complimentary bread and our drinks were served immediately. We all ordered Lemon Mint. 

Bread and Lemon Mint
We ordered the Lobster Linguini. The serving is big enough for two.

Lobster Linguini

My cousin ordered the Chicken Souvlaki. 
Chicken Souvlaki + white rice

After our meal, I ordered Galaktoboureko. It was nice of them to put a sparkling candle and sing Happy Birthday. I gave my cousin a shirt, lunch and dinner treat as a gift.

Too bad, I wasn't able to capture the sparkling candle in action.. LOL

Yey!! Gift giving!

Rocker shirt \m/
They used a chess board as a bill/receipt holder which I find very creative. 

Cool bill/receipt holder

After lunch, we walked around the place and took some more photos.
Panoramic View

yeah, we can't resist doing the jump shot

We originally plan to watch a movie. But instead, Belle and I decided to go shopping. The mall is on SALE!!!

Will do a separate post to show you what I bought.

Anyway, we had our Dinner at Nandos. We ordered Quarter Chicken with coleslaw and grilled veggies on the side. M.A. and Belle ordered Iced Tea while  Mickey and I had lemon mint. (again... Lol)
Peri Peri overload

We were stuffed and happy people... lol.. 

Thanks for reading! :)


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