Monday, 28 May 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Hi There!

This post is dedicated to my Dad. It was his birthday yesterday, May 27. He's suppose to be 67 years old.

It has been 9 years since he was taken by our Almighty Father. And yes, I still miss him.

I still remember him taking me to McDonalds when I don't like my Mom's cooking. (Brat, huh?) It would be a father-daughter bonding. He would tell me to order whatever I want and like any obedient child, I would order anything to my liking which includes probably everything from the menu. LOL

When I was a little older, he would bring me to his "business trips" which are mostly out-of-town. He would always remind me that since I am the eldest daughter, I will have to follow his footsteps. Thus, I took up Commerce in College.

He also entrusted me with all his "business" stuff like updating our big whiteboard with all the client's order, depositing payments to our bank and even writing cheques. I was also his Personal Assistant. He would ask me to call clients for him.

I was also his Stylist. He lets me choose polo and shirts for him.

October 2003, my Dad got hospitalized. He was in and out of the ICU and I was always there by his side. Before God took him from us, I was next to him. He was whispering "Uwi na tayo" (Let's go home). I was telling him "Daddy, di pa pwede. Di ka pa magaling". (Dad, we can't. You're not yet well). He took my hand and looked into my eyes and I saw, he is ready to go home. Not with us but to his Creator. He died December 13, 2003, 6 days before my birthday.

Being the eldest in the family, I became the source of strength of the family.

I know that if ever he will see what my sister and I had become, he will be happy and proud. 

Daddy, I still miss you. Don't worry, we're doing fine.

When someone you love leaves this world, there is no "getting over it." There is "learning how to live your life again without them"

Daddy's little girl


  1. Hi Kate, Risa here, fellow Paxie :)
    This is a nice tribute to your dad.
    In life, people do come and go, but the memories remain.
    Take care!

  2. Hi Risa! :) Thanks... God bless!

  3. This blog is so great!!


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