Wednesday, 24 October 2012

God's Gift

We often neglect to count our blessings. Instead, we focus on the problems we encounter.

We forget to be thankful of God's gifts he generously provide everyday. Beautiful sunshine, warm breeze, fragrant flower and tall trees. We focus so much of the worldly things and issues we have and do not have.

Last month, I shared a story about my family. If you have not read it, Click Here. I wanted to share with you all on how God, once again, made us feel his love. My youngest sister had her eye operation today and it was SUCCESSFUL. Upon hearing this news from my sister, I silently thanked God for being a faithful God. I thank Him for looking after my family as I am not there to do it myself.

before the operation
My sister even told me that my youngest sister's eye condition/problem is one of the difficult cases the doctors had. After the operation, the doctors and nurses shouted for joy and clapped their hands.

Jobee and Joy

I just want to tell you all that maybe we can enjoy the gifts God has given us. The gift of sight, smell, taste, feel and hearing.

At the end of the day, take a moment to recall what you did the whole day. Did you see something beautiful today? Were you able to appreciate the smell of freshly baked bread you ate this morning? Did you thank your mom, wife or house helper for preparing a sumptuous meal? Did you say "Good morning" to your child before (s)he left for school? Were you able to enjoy the music that is playing in the radio/mp3/Ipod?

That's about it, just wanna share the good news.

Take care and God bless us all.

Speak to you soon.



  1. God is good all the time! Thank God for the successful operation of your sister. Sometimes I feel I haven't thank Him for the little things that means a lot to me. Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Sobrang thankful talaga ako na okay na sis ko. Yes, God is good all the time.


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