Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hostess with the Mostess

My first hosting stint was in College and I thought that would be my first and last. 

Of course I host in my friends private event meaning kame kame lang. I am in my own element and I don't need to worry about how I dress, how I speak, I can goof around and tell funny jokes and I don't have to follow any sequence. Kumbaga, ako ang batas. lol...

So, last June, I posted this blog entry. I was thinking if I still want to join the talent competition. My group mate asked me to join our dance group. I was about to say yes when Ariel, Production & Stage Director, informed me that I was chosen to host the competition. O_o HUWATTT?! 

hosting in my friend's birthday

Okay... I know I am a performer, I can sing and dance in front of a crowd but to actually talk to an audience and try to be all prim & proper is not my style. Talking in front of a crowd is different from performing. Long before I started performing I know for a fact that I have stage fright! The reason why I pushed myself to join school clubs and dance groups is because I want to overcome this fear. I was able to overcome this fear but not public speaking. My mouth can not keep up with my brain. And because of this I tend to speak fast as if my mouth is having a marathon with my brain or if my mouth is a bit lazy, I tend to stutter and eat my words. 

first audition/elimination

second audition/elimination with Ariel

Me and my co-host, Victor

I don't know why they chose me to host this big talent competition but hey, probably this is an opportunity to practice my hosting skills.

Do you have any fear you want to overcome?

Speak to you soon!


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