Sunday, 31 March 2013

Work Life Balance

I have always believed that a balanced life will make one happy and healthy.

Also, I know that my relationship with my team does not stop or end in our office. Being my team's friend is very important. What I like about our team is that we know our boundaries and limitations. We know when I need to put on my "Manager" hat and they know when they need to put their "Agent" and "Supervisor" hat.

Being in Reservation Department is a fulfilling job but at the same time difficult because of the pressure that comes with the job. My team and I decided to have our monthly bonding whether there is something or nothing to celebrate. Well, honestly, there is something to celebrate... that we are a team that trust and support each other. :)

Here are the photos of our bonding. (more photos to come in coming months)

Dinner at Coral, seafood night!!!
while waiting for Mr. Hanibal (Mavic, Me, Mina and Abdien)
Young at heart!!! At Fun City in City Centre
Scaredy Cat Mavic... LOL (That's Rhona from Crowne Plaza)
With The City Team!!!

L to R: Joel (The City), Abdien, ME, Tamer (The City), Mina and Sakshi (The City)
By the way, we have 2 rules that we need to follow:
  1. Do not talk about work.
  2. Have fun!!!
How's your relationship with your colleague? Do you have team outing as well?


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