Friday, 22 November 2013

Mommy's Birth Month!

Yesterday, my Mom had a mini sparty at Pink Me Up. We invited my Aunt Jing, my cousins Russell & Charmie. Unforge, Charmie was unable to come due to work. 

Anywho, it was my surprise gift for her. I did all the arrangement from Qatar.

It was such a joy to see my mom happy, surprised and touched by my little gift. I would like to thank my sister Jenny for arranging the appointment in Pink Me Up. Same with my Aunt and cousins who kept it a secret for almost a month! 

Btw, this is what my sister Joy wore yesterday. Isn't she cute. She looks exactly the same as her Bitstrips Avatar!! lol

Interior of Pink Me Up is a total girly girl. I love everything. Upon entering, Joy knew where to sit. She's so excited!

They have the place for themselves for 3 hours. It gave them privacy and quiet time. They had foot spa, pedicure and blow dry.

spell R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N
They have wide selection of nail polishes from Essie and Orly.

Jenny had a hard time choosing which color she wants.
I called my mom and she was trying to stop herself from crying. She was happy but at the same time sad coz I was not there to enjoy the services with them. I told her we will have our own QT when I come home for vacation which is on December.

Aside from the sparty, I gave her a personalized bracelet made of topaz which is her birthstone and charms with our names, Jacky (my nickname), Jenny and Joy. 

Happy Mommy!
Dear Mommy,

I know that you know how much I love you, we love you. We've been through tough times... which is a lot but we were able to surpass these challenges because we have each other. I miss our quality time every Sunday. Where we go to church, eat lunch and then grocery shopping. There are times that I disappoint you but you never given up on me. There are times that I wanted to rebel and be a teenager but then... every time I think of you, I stop myself because I know that I will hurt you. You are a good example. For that, I thank you. 

Mommy, you are the best mom in the whole wide world!!! I love you to the moon & back!

Thank you and I miss you.


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