Monday, 18 November 2013

Wedding of the Year

Last October 26, I attended my friend's wedding. I flew out of the country to go to Bahrain. (Read my previous post).

Flying with British Airways
So let's start with October 25. My friends and I planned to have a city tour in the morning. Being the independent bunch that we are, we decided not to have a tour guide with us. We opted to research the famous landmark and go there on our own. Being new in the country, it is expected to get lost. We have been driving in circle and using up our gas. We ended up going to this small mall to eat our lunch and went to church for the wedding rehearsal.

Lost in Bahrain

After the rehearsal, we went to Charisse's flat to do the hosts script. Me & Ariel were asked to be the wedding's Masters of Ceremony. Which by the way an honor. I, personally, was a bit scared coz it was my first time to host a wedding.

So, while Charisse and I are busy with Bridesmaid duties, the rest of the ladies were fast asleep. We ordered pizza for dinner then did some dress up. Since we are in Charisse flat, we decided to make over our two tomboyish girls, January and Kamie. Kamie has never worn a dress in her life. Or maybe once when she attended a wedding but that was years ago. For January, she's your typical shirt & jeans girl.

We will attend Gina's last night of being a "Miss" so we wanted it to be memorable. So, Charisse gave them dress to wear. Both ladies are beautiful!!!

photoshoot inside the elevator... kasya tayo!!

We went to Ramee Grand Hotel, where the Groom is working, to celebrate the last night of being Ms. Gina Pangilinan. It was also a reunion as January is now based in UAE while Charisse, Gina, and Leizel are in Bahrain. Kamie, the newest recruit, came from the Philippines. It was a night full of fun, chicka and booze. (cheers to free drinks)

Cheers to friendship
Bridesmaid, Mrs. Wermers, and soon to be Mrs. Gardier

Me & my choice of drink, Peach Champagne

Groom & Best Man!!!

By 2:30hrs, we decided to end the night. 

So, THE day has come! We woke up early coz we need to go back to Ramee, not to drink, but to have our hair & make up done.

Blue Motif

Church wedding was held in Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The church is small but beautiful. It made the ceremony more solemn & intimate. I just have to say that during the wedding rehearsal, I was teary eyed but during the wedding, while Gina was walking down the aisle, I was crying. She is beautiful! Knowing her, she does not commit easily. We would tease her before that she will be last BG to marry. Maybe that's why I cried. Because I am happy to see a friend to finally meet her match. Both are sarcastic, btw! lol...

Charisse read the first reading. I was tasked to light the candle, January & Ariel with veil and Kamie with cord. Liezel was the Matron of Honor and Ate Rax was the Principal Sponsor.

After the wedding, we went to Sofitel for the cocktail reception. 

The reception started with the arrival of the guests. While waiting for the couple, there were waiters serving light snacks & drinks. Then newly weds arrived. The couple had their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. After the first song, we then had a Filipino tradition of clipping money to the couple.

Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas & Gina Gardier, Belgian meets Filipino

After the dance, we then have our dinner. Food was delish! Sofitel also made a specialty drink for the couple. Bride's drink is a mixture of vodka and blueberry and Groom's drink is a mixture of rum & coke.

When we had our fill, we proceeded with tossing of bouquet and garter.

Ate Rax caught the bouquet and Serge got the garter

Charisse gave a heartfelt toast for the couple. I almost cried! 

Then cake slicing and wine drinking. After the reception, we went to Tapas to continue partying. We danced, we laughed and we drink some more. 

It was in deed THE "Wedding of the Year"! I love everything about it. The ceremony, the reception, the after party. Everything!

All throughout the event, I felt the love of the couple to each other. The simple touch, the way they look at each other, the smile.... argghh... it is so romantic. It is so overwhelming!!!

Have you been to a beautiful wedding? I wanna know your experience.

Speak to you soon.


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