Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Empties 2 - Products I've used up

I am back with another Empties post.

This is supposed to be my Empties 3 but I threw all my empty containers when I moved to a new flat. 

Anywho, these are the products I've used up.

  1. The Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel in Apricot & Basil - I love the scent of this shower gel. Will I repurchase this? Definitely.
  2. Collin Foaming Gel - it says foaming but it didn't lather. Will I purchase this? Probably not. Btw, this was a gift from a colleague.
  3. HHN Natural Feminine Wash Chamomile Cool - It is gentle and keeps me fresh.Will I repurchase this? A big YES!!!
  4. Bench Organics Moroccan Argan Oil - I use this to moisturize my legs, arms and tummy. Will repurchase this? Probably. I want to try other Argan Oil in the market.
  5. Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub - This product is gentle and not abrasive. Will I repurchase this? Maybe. I ordered this online as it is not readily available in Qatar.
  6. HHN Hydrating Facial Wash (original formula) - I love this facial wash as it is gentle. I use this with my silicone facial pad. Original formula is not available anymore. I am currently using the new & improved formula which is creamy.
  7. HHN Hydrating Face Toner - I love this product! It is gentle. It stings a little bit. Will I repurchase this? Yes after I finished my HHN Nourishing Face Toner.
What's your vanity staples? 


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