Wednesday, 20 March 2013

National Breakfast Day and more!!!

Last March 18, I was able to participate in McDonald's National Breakfast Day.  I only knew this worldwide celebration by chance when I went to McDonald's to buy breakfast for my team. Talk about great timing.

We have McDonald's near my house, near the church we go to and near my school, thus, making me a McDo kid. 

When I don't like the food prepared by my mom (bad girl!), my dad would bring me to McDonald's and let me buy food that I want. I love McDonald's nuggets, fries and sundae cone. :D

Anyway, I have always considered McDonald's as my comfort food. When I am happy, I go to McDonald's because I deserve it. When I feel sad, I go to McDonald's because I need it. McDonaldsArabia would attest that I always tweet about my cravings for McDo fries.

I don't eat breakfast that often but I would not pass this opportunity to celebrate National Breakfast Day with my all time favorite fast food, McDonald's!

I tagged Mina along to drive us to the nearest McDonald's.

My Breakfast! Got free egg mcmuffin... :D
1. Face of a happy customer 2. Mina being interviewed by one staff 3. Feedback card 4. Our breakfast
It was my first time to experience such event and I'm lovin' it. I hope to participate in next year's National Breakfast Day. 

What is your favorite meal of the day? :)



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