Friday, 1 March 2013

Blast from the past

Last February 28, our company had it's Annual Staff Party and the theme is Retro. 

I was torn between 60's and 70's era. I opted for 60's era since I am chosen to be one of the hosts for that event.

Awards and recognition were given to loyal and hardworking colleagues. We call it Star Awards. Star Awards as we believe that each employee is a star on his/her own right. And it was their time to shine. Some of my friends were nominated and some won an award.

We had intermission number and dance showdown between Kitchen Team and F&B Team. There was raffle prizes which mostly are gadgets.

Groovy invite
Events Management Team
L to R: Rax, Reshma, Fe, Marylie, Mr. Reddy, Mr. Gerardo, Kim, ME, Victor, Ariel

Masters of the Ceremony: Mr. Gilles and I
Big Boss & Mini Boss

BGs kulang na nman si Liezl
L to R: ME, Cel, Rax, Charisse, Alfred
Meet the Extended Family
L to R: Jen, John, Isabel, ME, Cel, Bhev, Baby Sadie, Rachelle, Leni, Lorie
Maricel (in the middle) got to nominations. Mabrouk Cel!!!
Me & my cousins: Wilson & M.A.
Dancing with Samer (FOM)
I really enjoyed that night. I would consider this year's party as one of the best staff parties I have ever attended.

If you're going to hold a party, what theme would it be?


Photo credit: Gio Gange and Roy Jacinto

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