Monday, 4 February 2013

Favorite Blogger for January - Lo's Closet

There's a lot of Fashion blogger in the internet and most of them are girls. I discovered this certain blog and find it refreshing. So I decided to follow him. Yup, this fashion blogger is a guy.

His ensemble is so cute/geeky/chic. I love how he creates a look that really suits him. 

I always look forward to his blog post. 

Ladies & Gents, Lo's Closet

He's not only fashionable and artistic but also articulate! I love his latest post which is "The boy who wants to go back to school". Well, because I, myself, want to go back to school. Like him, I am more of an "art" person and most of my friends would agree that despite being good at my job, I am in the "wrong" job. Anywho... enough about me.

Check-out his blog, you'll definitely be entertained by his "look" and his thoughts. 

This guy deserves more hype in Lookbook and more followers in Twitter

I hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him.

Do you have any favorite blogger?


Photo credit: Lo's Closet

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