Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Fragrance Collection

Just wanna share with you my favorite fragrances. Some of these perfumes were gifts from my friends.

Upper half has my Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists.
  1. Midnight Mimosa (mimosa flower & airy musk) which was gifted by my best friend.
  2. Strawberry & Champagne (wild strawberries & champagne) - I have been loving this scent since 2003.
  3. Sheer Love (white cotton & pink lily)
  4. Such A Flirt (starfruit & white orchid)
Lower half has my "Filipino" cologne.
  1. Island Basics Body Mist (Green Tea & Cucumber) which, again, gifted by my best friend.
  2. Zen Zest Flirt
  3. Baby Bench Jelly Bean - When I was in high school, baby bench was a hit. While everyone love the bubble gum scent, I opted to buy Jelly Bean. Yup, I want to be different.

In this photo, I have my "more" expensive fragrances.
  1. Gucci Envy Me
  2. Chanel Chance which was gifted by a friend.
  3. DKNY Delicious in Candy Apples - I actually ordered the original scent but it was out of stock. But I love this scent nonetheless.
  4. Benetton Paradiso Inferno - This scent reminds me of D&G Light Blue.
  5. Tommy Girl which was gifted by my best friend. This is my perfume in College so this scent reminds me of my Uste days.
What is your favorite scent?


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