Saturday, 16 February 2013

Weekend in DXB

My BFF walked into my office and said "Let's go to Dubai for weekend." And just like that I filed my short leave. I was a bit hesitant coz first, my department is under staff and second, I just deposited my money to my Philippines bank account. Anywho, we were able to travel to Dubai last January 24-27 with a lot of drama on the side. (I might share it to you next time).

We boarded United Airline and arrive Dubai very early morning of January 25. I have to say, we were surprise as the weather is not as cold in Doha. We were sweating when we exit the airport.

We checked in Holiday Inn Express Airport using Maribel's priority club points. (woot-woot). We were assigned in room 26. We are a bit shocked as there were no amenities in the room. Yes, yes, yes... this is our first time to check-in a Holiday Inn Express. We don't know what to expect. Being the girl scout that I am, I have my own toiletries. hihihi...

Without further ado, my short Dubai trip:
We stayed in Holiday Inn Express Airport

TV, coffee & tea amenities & work desk


January 25, Second day: Desert Safari

Package Include: 

Camel Riding
Mr. Camel
Henna Tattoo
BBQ Dinner
Our Entertainment:

Tanura Arabic Dance

Belly Dancing

Package also include Shisha and local dresses for men and women for picture taking.

After our desert safari, we decided to go to Dubai Mall to see the Water, Fire and Light Dance. We also saw the tallest building which is Burj Khalifa.

Twit!!! (BFF term of endearment)

January 26, Third day: Shopping!!! I don't have any photos for this day.

January 27, Forth day: City Tour

Burj Al Arab

The Souq

It was a fun weekend! Looking forward to visiting Dubai again.

Speak to you soon!!


Desert Safari Tour was arranged through Easy Travels and Leisure.
Photo Credit: Maribel Barcelona


  1. Gorgeous lanterns! Nice to see you had fun in Dubai :D

    1. Thanks Maita! It was really short. Hopefully, I can come back and really enjoy the place.

      Btw, I just followed you. :)

  2. nice trip i wish to do the same


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