Monday, 4 February 2013

Winter Must Haves

Its really chilly here in Qatar. Temperature dropped to 13 degrees. So decided to share with you my Winter Essentials or Must Haves.

  1. Lip Balm - It is very important that I have lip balm next to me or in my bag coz I really get chappy and dry lips.
  2. Moisturizer - My skin tends to be "flaky" in my nose area so I need to insure that I moisturize always.
  3. Lotion - Since weather is really cold, I need to make sure that my skin is hydrated.
  4. Scarves - Its not only fashionable but it keeps me warm.
  5. Sweater/Jacket - Its time to bring out the jacket. Forget about looking bulky... sweater is my go-to get-up during winter.
  6. Blankie - I need my warm blankie especially at night.
  7. Coffee - I love sipping a warm cup of coffee especially during cold season.
  8. Topical cream - As i mention earlier, my nose area tends to flake and dry so I get this allergy around my nose and upper lip area that's why I need to bring my cream to treat my allergy.
What are your Winter must haves?


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