Thursday, 19 July 2012

Spa Review: Nails Qatar - First impression (does not) last

Hi Ladies!!

My friend and I went to Nails Spa located in Royal Plaza to have our long overdue mini facial and lavish pedicure. We grabbed this deal from Qgrabs. 

Well, let me tell you that we had a hard time getting an appointment. My friend Ate Rax called first and she was told that they are fully booked. I tried my luck and I was able to get an appointment but the date is somehow inconvenient as it is in weekday. We wanted to have it on our day-off but I was told that they are fully booked. 

So the day of the appointment came and I received a call to reconfirm if we are in deed coming. We were told that if we will come 15 minutes before our scheduled time, that would be fine. Our schedule btw is 630pm. It was 6pm when the our driver said that he will be late. Looking for a taxi in our area is very difficult so we decided to use a car lift. Then the traffic. At 635pm, Nails' receptionist called us saying that if we will be late, then we have to reschedule. We're like, "In 10 minutes we will be there". We were upset this time as we were 5 minutes late only also it was very hard to arrange an appointment with them.

We arrived at the place 5 minutes after, we were running as we don't want to miss our appointment. When we came to the Reception, Receptionist was not able to fine our schedule. Argghh... I wanna pull my hair out!! I am so frustrated. After a few minutes of checking their sheet, they found my name at the back of the list. The appointment was under Qgrabs. *rolls eyes*
We entered the place and no one is inside. So how come we were told that they are fully booked. *again, rolls eyes*

Ate Rax had the pedicure while I had the facial first. 

to set the mood :)
The facial room was not yet ready when we came. Asked myself "Why didn't they arrange the room before I came? This should have been done 5 minutes before my schedule. I was already 10 minutes late." *Again, rolls eyes*

God must have felt our frustration as when I laid on the bed everything went well.

Facial took 1hr and that was one hour of relaxation. The procedure was long and I can't seem to keep up. lol.. Let me just list the products that were used on my face. (List is not in order)

  1. Normalizing beauty milk
  2. Biological skin peeling (instead of scrub)
  3. Protective cream
  4. Masque
  5. Purifying beauty milk
  6. Purifying lotion
  7. Softening lotion
  8. Softening emulsion
  9. Desquacrem
  1. Cleansing
  2. Steaming - to open the pores
  3. Pricking - i like this part coz my nose is my problem area and the Aesthetician focused on the area
  4. Laser - to close the pores
  5. Massage
  6. Mask
  7. Massage
  8. Moisturizer
I love the shoulder, back and head massage. So relaxing....

Then I had my lavish pedicure. 

Purple "grainy" scrub, Grey foot scrub, Green foot mask
  1. Foot Soak
  2. Pedicure
  3. Foot soak
  4. Foot serum and sealed my feet in a plastic
  5. Foot filing
  6. Foot mask
  7. Leg scrub (big scrubs)
  8. Foot scrub (finer scrubs)
  9. Foot soak
  10. Foot lotion
  11. Nail Polish

left foot with mask and right foot with serum 

happy feet
  • Music - play instrumental music or sound of flowing water. They played Celine Dion, Christian Bautista and Cueshe inside the facial room and no music in the pedicure area... hmmm...
  • Prepare the area before the client comes (i.e. facial room)
  • Offer refreshments (tea, coffee or water) to clients
Ease of Booking: 1/5 *booking with other Nails branch is much easier.
Ambiance: 3/5
Facial: 4/5 - Thanks Arlene
Lavish Pedicure: 4/5 - Thanks Sompong
Service (in total): 3/5

I will try to comeback and give Nails Royal Plaza a second chance.

Speak to you soon!


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