Saturday, 21 July 2012

Spa Review: Princess Salon

Hi Ladies,

This would be another review. This time it would be for Princess Salon.

To make this review easier, I would it breakdown to following areas:

  • First Impression
  • Attitude of the staff
  • Services/Treatments availed
  • Value for money
  • Would I go again?

First Impression:

The place is difficult to find. The salon name is in Arabic so if you can not read Arabic you might get lost like we did.

Attitude of the staff:

Receptionist: We called the Salon to inform them that we're lost. When we finally saw the salon, we were greeted with a smile by the receptionist. She apologized for the difficulty in finding their establishment. We were escorted to the changing room so we can rest and prepare. She also offered tea or coffee. (two thumbs up!)

Therapist: I would say that I am quite disappointed as I do not actually appreciate side comments like "Some clients are so fussy" or "your skin is so dry". They give me an impression that they will talk about me when I leave the room. tsktsktsk

Masseuse: They are overly friendly and talked like there is no tomorrow.

Services/Treatment availed:

Moroccan Bath: Dead skin cells were removed but I can have a better service from other spa
Massage: Again, I can have a better service from other spa
Blow dry: From all the services, this is what I like the most. 

Value for money:

I would say that I got what I paid for. I paid a discounted rate which I don't mind but I am thinking if I paid the original price, I might regret it.

Would I go again?

Probably not. I have shared my experience with my friends and they are a bit hesitant to go. But since the service is pre-paid, they might as well go. My friends and I actually have the same comment about the services. My friends who came before actually warned me. 



  1. Provide an individual hand glove for each client. It is not hygienic to reuse the same gloves from one client to another. I for one, don't mind paying extra amount if I am sure that it is for my own good.
  2. Put a bowl of flower under the massage bed
  3. Fresh towels and bathrobes should be place in waiting/changing area
  4. Play some music in the changing area
  5. Spa should be a place to relax, some clients don't want to hear therapist's sad stories. Some clients do not appreciate unsolicited advise. 
Note: I have paid for the services and I just want to share my experience.

Speak to you soon.



  1. I've heard a lot of bad comments regarding princess salon i think this is not good for there business,more of the people that i asked regarding this salon they don't want to return again.

    1. yeah... it was quite sad coz I was pretty excited with the treatments...


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