Saturday, 14 July 2012

Product Review: Daiso Nose Pack

Hi There!!

I wanted to do a review on Daiso Nose Pack.

I was a bit hesitant coz I am afraid that it may cause allergy or it may not work because it is very affordable. (Misconception about cheap products)

Anyway, I decided to buy one and just use it to see if it will work.

Daiso Nose Pack Review:

Price: QR 7.00
Place Bought: Hyatt Plaza, Qatar

First Impression:

The packaging is simple. It does not come in a box which is fine with me. 

The tube is sealed which is a good thing.

Second Impression: 

The product is white and has a sticky consistency.


1. I washed my face using my Pond's facial wash.

2. I steamed my face to open the pores. (if you do not have a facial steamer, use warm washcloth)

3. I then applied the product.

4. I waited for the product to dry.

5. PEEL!!!

Verdict: I believe that it is a good product. I will give it a 3/5. 


  1. You need to put generous amount to peel off the product easily.
  2. Be Patient! Wait until the product is completely dry before your peel it.
  3. If you are having a hard time removing the product, wash your face with lukewarm water.
  4. If you have a small pores like me, steam your face a little longer.

Hope you like my review and till my next post.



  1. Ohh. Was it useful in removing the blackheads? :) I actually want to try this :)

    1. It removes blackheads. :) I only rated it 3 out of 5 coz I was so excited to peel it off. That's why I put Tip #2. My friend tried it and it did removed some of her blackheads and whiteheads. :)


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