Thursday, 19 July 2012


I have never thought that I will be sent out to have a training outside Qatar. 

This opportunity was overwhelming and humbling at the same time. Most company think that training someone means COST but in reality, it is an INVESTMENT. Staff will be knowledgeable and motivated which will later on result to REVENUE!! (kaching kaching $$$)

Last July 3-6, I traveled to Abu Dhabi to attend RDT Training. Click Here for more photos. :)

Attending a training is one but to be "Best in Class" is something. :) That's why our Director gave me below cake as a token of appreciation for making him proud and representing our hotel. 

kyoot cake!

I would love to hear your memorable "first" and you might also win a Longchamp!!! I am joining Bebengisms first giveaway. In case I win, that would be my first Longchamp!! :)

Speak to you soon!


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