Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Murakami Ego

Hi There!!

Its been a while since my last post.

Last June 23, my friend and I decided to visit Al-Riwaq Exhibition Hall to see Takashi Murakami masterpieces. The exhibition is entitled Ego.

The exhibit ran from February 9 until June 24. Probably I am living under the rock that's why I only heard of it last month. Yes, I am always in my room. I am a hermit! Lol.. 

When I was a (little) younger, my friends and I attend festivals (our fave is Spanish Week), go to museums and exhibits, watch theatre plays and indie films. We love ART.

Enough of the reminiscing, I love how refreshing Murakami's work. His work is kawaii but deep. I personally like the "Time Bonkan" (mushroom cloud) and "Kaikai & Kiki". 

Murakami got his inspiration from Hiroshima disaster, thus, Time Bonkan was born. 

I think that everyone has "Kaikai & Kiki" within us, or maybe its just me. lol... (dual personality much?)

There was a big tent that shows anime and Murakami's movie "Jellyfish Eye". I was one of the children.. watching Kaikai and Kiki planting seeds and battling monsters. Hahaha... They also showed Kanye West's "Good Morning" with Murakami's bear. I was teary-eyed while watching the "Good Morning" MTV. lol..

I miss this artsy stuff! Looking forward to attending more art exhibits. :)

sweet moments... lol

big smiles!
After the exhibit
The Artist, The Fan and The Souvenirs

Till my next post.


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  1. Hello, Katey! I'm so sorry for troubling you, but i need your help. I'm studying at art critic and i'm learning creativity by Takashi Murakami and, particularly, his artwork "500 Arhats", which was exhibited on this event. Can you tell me your emotions, your feelings and your opinion about this work? (if you remembered it and if you want, of course). I will be very thankful for your answer. Thank you! P.S. If it isn't comfortable to answer here, you can answer me on my e-mail: afoninatatyana09@hotmail.com. Thank you again! And sorry again too:)


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