Monday, 31 December 2012

5 Star Hospital Experience - Al Ahli Hospital

I was discharge from the hospital this morning. I had a lump excision yesterday at 11am.

I was confined in Al Ahli Hospital and I am so happy with the service. From the time of my appointment until the day of the operation, staff were courteous and accommodating. Everybody were smiling and willing to help. 

I had an appointment with a Surgeon, Dr. Fawzi. He is one friendly guy. I was intimidated at first but he made me feel safe so my fears were soon gone.

After talking to me and checking my medical records, he scheduled me for an operation.

Normally, employees are the one submitting the pre-approval papers but with Al Ahli Hospital, they did all the paper works and contacted my insurance which shows how good their customer service is. After a few days, I received my approval. 

The day of operation came, I arrived in the hospital at 07:20 hrs. I went to admission office and was escorted to my room. I was assigned to Ward Room D 190. When you think about ward, what comes into your mind? Room with 3-6 beds with only curtain separating the patients. Imagine my surprise when I entered my room.
I have a private room with nice paintings, long sofa for my guests and a flat screen cabled TV. I went to the toilet and I have a VIP amenities. Yes, it felt like I was in a hotel. Bed and pillow are soft and comfy.

So I was able to relax and sleep a little while waiting for my turn to the operating table. lol... I was informed that there are quite a number of operations that day so I needed to wait in my room which I do not mind at all. :)

I was given my patient tag and the nurse put on my dextrose. I was painful! Not because the nurse does not know how to put it but because it was my first dextrose ever.

L-R: patient tag, groggy after operation, my uniform and my first dextrose

Before my operation, Dr. Reem, anesthesiologist or anaesthetist, came to my room and asked a few questions to insure that it is safe to administer anesthesia. Dr. Fawzi came also to mark the area to be operated. 

Then it was my turn. I was brought to second floor where I met Dr. Reem again then everything went black. hehehe...

A female voice woke me up. I was a little groggy/drowsy but I was able to answer her questions like where do I work, what is my position, stuff like that.

Guest Relations Manager visited me and asked if I needed anything. She gave me her extension number in case I needed further assistance. Impressive.

By 3pm, surgical soup and small jello was served. I was starving. I did not eat breakfast and lunch. One surgeon came asking me if I feel some pain or discomfort or if I feel like vomiting  I said no. When he heard me said no, he said, "Ok, we will serve you real food by 5pm". Food, music to my ears. 

So my dinner came, it was delish and a lot. I had steamed veggies, tuna salad, buttered cream dory, rice, soup, sliced fruits and cheesecake.

I was advised that I will be discharge the next day. I really wanted to go home because I wanted to attend Baby Sadie's 1st birthday but I was advised that the doctors wanted to monitor my condition for 24 hours so I have no choice but to stay in the hospital.

So December 31 came and I am very excited to go home. My breakfast came and it was one big breakfast! Omelette, 2 boiled eggs, sliced fruits, assorted breads, yogurt and fresh juice.

cute hospital interior, breakfast, watching tv while waiting

After breakfast, Dr. Fawzi came telling me that the operation is a success and informed me that I need to come back after 7 days for a follow-up check-up. A nurse came to replace the bandage and removed my dextrose.

I did not pay anything since my insurance will cover everything. I just waited for my medical certificate which states that I need to rest for 7 days.

Btw, I received my morning newspaper. It comes in this cute pink envelope. 

Total experience: 5/5

If you wanted to have a 5 star hospital experience, go to Al Ahli Hospital.

Thank you Al Ahli Hospital Staff!!!


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  1. Thank you for the write up on your experience!


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