Monday, 31 December 2012

What I got for Christmas 2012

Hi Ladies,

Just wanna share the gifts I received last Christmas. 

Maricel gave me a Smiley shirt, Ariel gave me a coffee mug, January gave me a Body Shop Lotion and Ate Rax gave me varsity jacket and pearl earring.

I love all my gifts coz the timing was spot on. Our New Year's Party theme is red so I will use my new red smiley shirt. I ran out of lotion and I need a coffee mug. Also, I have always wanted to buy a varsity jacket. Gifts were perfect!!!

But before partying, we went to Church to greet Jesus a Happy Birthday!

On the way to Church with Maribel and Ariel as our driver. Marissa is not in the picture.

I celebrated my Christmas with my friends since I am far away from my family. Our share, Maribel & I, is the roasted turkey.

Christmas Turkey next to the hotdogs

Our friend Gina relocated to Bahrain last December 15, so we decided to call her via skype and had a "pictorial" with her. Feels like she's partying with us. :)

si Liz ulit ang MIA

If you are wondering what is that red spot on my forehead, it is because we played Jenga. Since the tower fell because of me, that was my consequence.

How was your Christmas? What is your favorite Christmas present?

Speak to you soon!


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