Thursday, 13 December 2012


I started December tried and out of breath. Why? Because I (force) joined a team triathlon. Let me give you a brief background on how I was "drag" into this sport.

Kate passed by while Ryan & Mark are having a conversation.
Mark: Kate, sali ka samen.
Kate: Saan?
Ryan: Sa Triathlon.
Kate: hahaha... 
Mark: I-submit namen ang registration form today.
Ryan: Tatakbo ka ha.
Kate tumatawang umalis...
One hour later, Kate opened her email.
Ryan forwarded the registration form and Kate's training plan.

I am not an athlete. The only sports that I can play is chess. That requires hand and eye movement and of course brain skills.

Random Facts about Kate:
  1. Kate gained quite a lot of weight since her vacation which she plans to shed. This plan remains a plan. lol
  2. Kate's hobby of dancing took the backseat and her love for food took the driver's seat.
  3. The only active body part of Kate is her hands. (no green thoughts please). Ladies, for typing.
So back to the story, so I trained for probably 1 week. Note: I was informed 3 weeks before the competition.  It felt like a scene in "MTV: I used to be fat". I felt the frustration and the depression of the kids in that show. waaahhh... I was near tears coz my legs hurt and I still have 16 mins to finish the course. 

Try-athlete Kit
So, here's the photos for your viewing pleasure:

Sunrise! On the way to Al Khor
Ryan: Swim, Kate: Run, Mark: Bike
Koya in orange shirt: Athlete #60 is coming. (Feeling athlete talaga)
Ryan cheering: Malapit na!!!
the smile on my face when I saw the finish line!
Aftermath: Lumpo na si Kate

Kain na to recharge!
I finished my 5km run because God is with me. Thank you Lord!
Will I do this again? Maybe... who knows. I never thought that I can finish the 5km run. Let's see.
The Try-athletes! We finished 10th place out of 20 teams. (clap clap clap)

Have you join same sports?

Speak to you soon.


Photo credits: Ryan Martinez

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