Thursday, 13 December 2012

Busy as a bee

Last November, I was given an opportunity to volunteer in Doha Film Institute for Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

My friend Albert influenced me to volunteer. He shared his fun experience as a volunteer to this glamorous event. He has been with DTFF for 3 years.

I went online and submitted my CV (yes, you have to). Like any company, they screen the CVs to insure they get the best volunteers in town. And I was lucky enough to be chosen.

I was under Hospitality Department (no brainer, I'm a Hotelier). But unlike my day job which is office work, in this Hospitality Department, we are in charge of F&B. No, I don't need to clear plates and serve food. We need to insure that all guests (mostly VIPs - like Directors) are fed and tables are cleaned in a timely manner.

Volunteer Kit
My (day) work duty ends at 6pm so I asked for an evening duty. I had 3 shifts, the longest one ended at 2am. My duty was tiring because we are standing most of the time but it was FUN. I go home happy and fulfilled. 

1st duty in Souq Waqif

Last November 25, we had the Thanksgiving Volunteer Party where we received our certificate. How cool is that?! (need to update my CV).

Aside from experience, I met quite a number of good people with whom I remain in contact with. (Hi Leoter, Moon, West and Laura)

Thanks to Ana, Sara and Ms. Vera for choosing me among all the thousand volunteers to be part of Hospitality Department.

Here's a short video of what happened in DTFF.

Speak to you soon.


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