Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's my Birthday!!!

My sister made this collage. How sweet! :)
As a December baby, I normally celebrate my birthday on Christmas day. Even if my birth date is December 19, I always celebrate it on December 25. My parents see to it that I have the cake of my choice and I have a lot of handa. I don't have that much of guests. My frequent guests are my cousins who live within our compound. I remember one birthday I cried to my mom and said "Lagi na lang sila ang bisita ko." Yeah, I had that moment. As a child, you want to invite your friends in your birthday, right? But since we celebrate my birthday on Christmas day, I can't invite my friends. 

Fast forward to present. Now that I am all grown up and away from my family, I realize the importance of celebrating this day with my loved ones.

This is my 3rd year celebrating my birthday away from my family but I have my friends to celebrate it with.

12:09 of December 19, I woke up from a loud knock on my bedroom door. I heard some giggling and whispering. I was in my nighties so I was all panicky looking for something to cover myself up. I opened the door and my friends were there singing Happy Birthday with a cake and a bouquet of flowers. 

I also receive a Gangnam Style Birthday Card! :)
We then ate the cake they brought me. hehehe... It was a touching and special moment.

These are the present I received from them.

BGs gave me sweater, 2 sheer tops and a bonnet. John & Kutch both gave me a Mango bag. :)

Abdien & Mina gave me a make-up. Sweet! :)
I also received a birthday card from my family. Love the sweet messages. (I miss you T_T)
I thank God for giving me friends who love and appreciate me. 

Love my bonnet. :D
Speak to you soon.


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