Saturday, 2 June 2012

DIY: Flower Arrangement

Hi there!!!

This would be an earth friendly post.

I love scented candles! I love how it makes my room smell so good and helps me relax. 

Do you ever wonder what you will do with the empty candle container? I have a lot of them. Some were thrown away. I then realize that I can recycle these containers.

I just need to put boiling water to clean the container, a tip from a Florist Friend. (Thanks Alex)

Boiling water melts the leftover wax
 Once the wax melted, wash the container with soap and water.

cute vase!
What you need:
foam, leaves, cutter, a pair of scissors and flowers!

1. cut the foam to your desired shape & size

2. check if the foam will fit inside the vase

3. insert the foam into the vase

4. check the length of the stem. insure that it is long or short enough to fit into the vase

5. now start arranging the flower
arrange, arrange, arrange

Flower #1

Flower #2
Hope you like my post and let's take care of our environment. Reuse, reduce and recycle!!!


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