Sunday, 17 June 2012

Trip to Souq

Hi There!!

When you are working abroad, you miss out on a lot of things. These include family gathering, holidays and most especially food!

Here in Qatar, we need to travel to Souq (open-air marketplace) to enable us to buy Filipino products. We even have our own Filipino Souq which has shop names like "Kabayan" and "Manila". 

What I bought:

Indian soap: I use it for my rashes. It is already summer and temperature can reach up to 45 degrees (or even 50 degrees). This makes my skin irritated. Boooo...

Milk Salt: to exfoliate my skin. :) No to dry skin!!!

Sky Flakes & Magic Flakes: My team members (Egyptians) love Filipino food. Tea and Filipino biscuits = Perfect!

Century Bangus Tocino: My fave purchase of all. (will have a separate post)

And since we're in Souq, we have to eat some Filipino food. Yey!!!
Lugaw & Pancit!!!

Sigh... I miss everything about the Philippines, even the traffic!!! Lol..

Till my next post! :)


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