Monday, 18 June 2012

Voucher Queen!

Hi There!

I have always considered myself penny-wise or thrifty. Probably I got it from my Dad. (He is Ilocano.. hehehe) I am the type of person who likes to save money. I always have a self-dialogue when it comes to spending my hard earned money. But being a girl who loves all things sparkly and girly, I seldom spend money quite impulsively. And this small voice inside me would tell me "You should have save it!" 

I need to find balance between my wants and necessity. In my younger years, I always get a monthly facial, foot spa, massage and hair treatment. But now, I can't even find time to go to the salon to get a decent haircut. :( I think as you mature you lean towards to spending your disposable income with investment. But hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I need a little relaxation and pampering every ones in a while without feeling guilty.

Since cost of living in Qatar is high, any discount or additional benefits will help my dying pocket.

If you are here in Doha, do check-out these websites:

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is available in UAE, Bahrain, Cyprus, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has almost everything. From 5 star restaurants to fast foods, from spa services to salon services, from recreation pass to leisure attractions. I just love it!!! Btw, you need to pay QR 295.00 for the booklet. Totally worth it!

If Dubai has Groupon, Qatar has Qgrabs. You just need to register to know the special deal. I have availed mostly of their Spa services. It is so affordable. From QR 550.00 fee it comes down to QR 110.00, 80% savings!!! They also give Referral bonus of QR 30.00 for every first purchase of your referral. Also, registration is FREE!!! Another savings!!! 

Voucher Clubs
I am also a member of Voucher Clubs. Its like The Entertainer and Qgrabs rolled into one. I normally used it for Restaurant booking. Unlike Qgrabs and The Entertainer which has one time deal, Voucher Clubs has the deal available all year round, of course with expiry date. Get it? (Example: Nando's package is available for a year but once you print the voucher, it is valid for a week. If you forgot to use it, you can print the same package. Cool huh?) There is a membership fee of 8USD. I got my membership in a very discounted price of QR 150.00. They were having a promotion when I registered. Yey!! They also started giving referral bonus of QR 90.00 per new member. :)

Ooh.. I forgot to say, Maya of Qgrabs and Amanda of Voucher Clubs are angels. They are nice and accommodating so don't be shy to ask them question. They have twitter too! (@Qgrabs and @Voucherclubs) - How cool is that! Follow them to see their new deals.

I do hope you find this post informative and pocket friendly. 

Till my next post!


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