Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tikipucapuca Night

Hi There!!!

I am back with another post.

Seems like most of my posts are about celebrating life. People close to me are May babies. :)

My friend Kaka aka Charisse, celebrated her birthday last May 31. What I like about her is her simplicity and humility. She's not materialistic at all. She told us that she does not like any material gift for her birthday. She rather have an "experience". 

It was really hard to give what she wants due to limited resources. She already tried sky diving in UAE and white water rafting in the Philippines. So we were thinking, what should we do to quench her thirst for adventure?

Gina, our friend, suggested to do an "Amazing Race" type of gift. Gina did all the arrangements. Me, Gina and Ate Rax were all giddy with the whole idea.

Gist of all the challenges:
1. Lunch at Cucina in Renaissance Hotel
2. City Centre - Kaka was given QR5 to buy herself a present
3. Fun City - face painting with Gerry
4. Massage at Bay View Spa in Movenpick Tower
5. Coffee at Lime Cafe in Movenpick Tower

As expected, Kaka didn't follow the sequence. She went to Lime Cafe then Bay View. Actually, the receptionist called Gina looking for Kaka. Kaka was on the way back to our accommodation to prepare for our Ladies Night Out. Gina told her to go back to Movenpick for the massage. We had a good laugh with the mishap.

Anyhow, enough with words and enjoy the photos.

Cake given by Kaka's Department

Hilton's Trader Vic's interior :)

We're ready to order!!!

Salmon with mushroom rice

My drink!

Birthday Girl, Kaka!

Ate Ana & Kaka

L-R: Cel, Jan, Liz

L-R: Ate Ana, Kaka, Gina, Cel, Belle, Jan, Liz, ME!

Friends that drink together, stay together

It was a night full of laughter and gossips. I love my friends!

Thanks for reading!


Me and my BFF

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