Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jenni Epperson ang peg

Hi There!!!

I have decided to make a separate post on my fave purchase, Century Tuna products.

If you read my earlier post, we need to travel to Souq just to buy Filipino products. And the hassle does not stop there. Believe me...

Moving on... We entered Kabayan Shop to look for products that are unavailable in Carrefour. Being the nosy girl that I am, I like to check out the products that other customers are buying. Silip sa cart, silip sa basket... baka kasi may interesting na product na di ko nakita. As I was scanning this guy's basket.. GASP!! "Oh my God!!! My Century Marinated Bangus" sabay hila sa kasama sa cold section.

Kate: scan.. scan.. scan... WOW!! (O_O)
Woman across me with Anong-wow-dyan look.
Kate planong maghoard ng Century Bangus Tocino. Lol... But when I checked the price... T_T.. maharlika!!!

Yes, the product is pricey. Also, I just send my salary to my bank account in the Philippines. (Yes, Bagong bayani!!!). So imagine my disappointment but I decided to purchase one tocino and one tapa.

Let me give you a short background on how I come to know the product. It is because of Ms. Jenni Epperson. I can't remember how I discover her blog, but what I do know is I admire her. To prove my admiration, I asked my sister to buy me Jenni Epperson Fashion + Food. I was almost begging her to buy me one. Good thing my friend was on vacation so my sister met up with her to give me my "Christmas/Birthday" gift.  

From Qatar with Love <3
Check out the link to turn ordinary tuna to gourment tuna!! Century Tuna Chef Jenni Recipes 

Scenario while cooking:
Kate humming...
Friend: Sure ka bang masarap yan? Baka naman hype lang yan sa Pinas.
Kate with a proud voice: For sure masarap to. Di mag eendorse si Jenni Epperson kung di masarap. FANATIC!!! 

Yummy Century Bangus Tocino
Ladies, gentlemen and gays (lol), the finished product.

Bangus Tocino with Garlic Rice
I will definitely go back to Souq just to buy this product. :)

P.S.: I know I need to buy a nice plato-platuhan. 

Till my next post.


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