Monday, 4 June 2012

Restaurant Review: The Cafe - Going International!

Hi There!!!

I am back with another birthday post.

My friend Mickey celebrated her birthday last June 1. She's a Gemini baby!

Her sister Mhavz decided to surprise her by organizing a small gathering to celebrate Mickey's birthday. When you are away from your family, your friends and colleagues become your family. 

L-R: Jerilyn, Mhavz, Mic, Jen, Cor, Chatz & Ate Vicky

L-R: Chatz, Mic, Cel, Mhavz, Catherine
From where we are working, our company gives us a voucher that entitle us to eat in our Buffet Restaurant which is The Cafe. So yesterday, we dined in The Cafe.

The Cafe is a buffet restaurant that serves International cuisine. Prior to renovation, it had themed nights which are: Asian Night, Indian Night, Phoenician Night, Seafood Night and Butcher Night. I personally like Asian Night as well as Seafood Night. 

So here are the photo for your viewing pleasure. :)

yummy seafood soup
pasta with creamy pesto sauce, grilled baby potato, chicken, steak and steamed veggies
yup, lemon with mint
clockwise: Mickey (birthday celebrant), Me, Chatz and Mhavz
with our friend Ellenor, Asst. Outlet Manager

As always, after the meal; we had our "pictorial" LOL

blurry Mhavz!
cool feature of my camera... LOL
After our dinner and "pictorial" we went to Paloma which is a Tex-Mex Restaurant. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos as my camera went dead and I can't take any decent photo using my blackberry. It was fun though. I drank lemonade with vodka and lemon mint. Yeah, I am addicted to lemon mint or just lemon in general.

Thanks for reading!!!


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