Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Swimsuit ready!

Hi There!!

Summer is here!! 

I can feel the fury of Mr. Sun and Ms. Beach is calling me. My heart and mind is ready but my body... Na-ah! I don't want to traumatize the beach goers with my bulging tummy and big thighs. Children might have nightmares. Hahaha... Of course I am kidding! 

On a serious note, I have been on diet on and off. Same with my exercise. I look at myself and I feel sad coz some of my clothes do not fit me anymore. I just received my new uniform and I can even close the zipper. I gained a few pounds and yeah.. I want to lose it.

No, I don't want to be stick thin, I just want to have the right fats on the right places. Unfortunately, my fats went down south... tummy and thigh.

I wanted to enroll in a training program but my schedule (and budget) does not permit me. Thus, lost motivation in losing weight. My sister and mom asked me "What happened to you? You used to have flat tummy and small arms." It came to a point that I cried because of frustration. But don't worry, I  now take those words constructively. Why cry if you can use those words as a motivation. 

I then started to buy healthy food. But healthy food is not enough, I need to have an active lifestyle. (I used to (cheer)dance in College) 

I came across Rachel Talbott's blog. She inspired me to lose weight. She suggested SparkPeople. I got intrigued and registered. The program is personalized and you get to set your (realistic) goal. I have my meal and fitness program. I got to track my weight loss. Yey!!!


I'm just new in this program but I feel positive. :D Hopefully, my body will be Swimsuit ready by end of July. (My program goal date is November but I hope to lose some weight by July)

Hey, why not register and let's lose weight together! That would be fun!

Wish me luck!!!

Till my next post!


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